Orthodontist in Panama

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Dr Javier Trejos

Orthodontist in Panama

Dr Javier Trejos

Orthodontist in Panama

Specialist in the treatment of different pathologies such as Bruxism, Sleep apnea y Temporomandibular dysfunction, with extensive experience in correcting overbite, cross bite, crowding, diastema y openbite.

I am a Dental Surgeon graduated from the University of Panama with a Postgraduate Degree in Orthodontics, recognized for considerably improving the smile and quality of life of my patients with highly aesthetic solutions such as the invisible aligners of Invisalign and Allinea.

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Do you need orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a subspecialty of dentistry that deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies that affect dental and / or maxillofacial structures. The specialists in dentistry and orthodontics are in charge of determining if you need any type of treatment or intervention for presenting alterations in your mouth.

Dental malocclusion, crowding and interdental spacing (some of the most common anomalies) are cases that may require intervention with fixed and removable appliances that generate gentle pressure to achieve the desired movement or repositioning. 

In addition to all this, the early loss of teeth due to cavities or periodontal diseases will affect your life in both a functional and aesthetic sense. 

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When a vacuum occurs, your teeth tend to move and occupy a space that does not correspond to them, displacing everything that crosses their path and causing problems in the position and / or shape of your teeth. This is where the magic of orthodontics begins!

Custom treatments

I offer you my experience at the service of the Orthodontics in Panama, presenting multiple alternatives that allow addressing both prevention and correction in childhood, as well as the anomalies present among young people and adults. 

With methods that range from the most traditional to new, modern and highly aesthetic systems; I offer you my services to provide corrective and aesthetic alternatives of proven effectiveness to my patients, attending each stage according to the needs that are presented in them:

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Interceptive Orthodontics

Aimed entirely at meeting the orthodontic needs of children.

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Corrective Orthodontics

Attention of all kinds of dental occlusion problems in young people and adults.

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Other procedures

Temporomandibular dysfunction, sleep apnea, bruxism.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Aimed entirely at meeting the orthodontic needs of children. In a stage in which the temporary (milk) teeth are combined with the permanent ones and the replacement occurs; It is extremely important to determine what will be the result of this process that varies naturally from person to person to correct any abnormalities in the bite or dental alignment in a timely manner.

The appliances and treatment indicated in this stage are completely different from those that may be indicated in later periods, since during the jawbone development phase it is still possible to perform movements that can only be attempted later with the application of orthognathic surgery.


Corrective Orthodontics

dental clinic in Panama

Attention of all kinds of dental occlusion problems in young people and adults; For which today there are alternatives that go from the most traditional to the most aesthetic and innovative, providing the patient with total satisfaction according to each need.

At this stage in which maximum bone growth has been achieved, treatments are focused on what is possible to achieve with traditional appliances. Orthognathic surgery becomes a complementary resource to support severe cases in which some modification must be made at the maxillary bone level.

Other procedures

El Orthodontist in Panama it also addresses other areas that are not necessarily related to crooked teeth. Among the main pathologies that can be referred are:

  • Temporomandibular dysfunction. A disorder that affects the jaw joint and can cause severe pain.
  • Sleep apnea. Disorder that interrupts breathing and interferes with the continuity of deep sleep and rest.
  • Bruxism. Pathology that is manifested by the involuntary movement of the jaw and friction between the teeth, causing the wear of the pieces.

Attention and Location

Orthodontic Clinic in Panama, Obarrio

OBARRIO, Montblanc Square, 60th Street.

(+507) 263-0200

Orthodontic Clinic in Panama, Costa del Este

Costa del Este, FORD Clinic, Plaza Costa del Este.

(+507) 223-4742

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